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The Association offers a range of items for sale. These items are related to Parkinson's Disease and may be helpful to PD patients and caregivers. Items like books and others can be obtained directly from MPDA, where part of the sales will go to the Association's fund.
Understanding Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a brain disease that affects mostly the elderly people, and leads to slowness of movement, body stiffness and uncontrollable trembling of hands. It affects people all over the world, and spares no race. In Malaysia, all major ethnic groups are at risk of developing this devastating illness....

Memahami Penyakit Parkinson
Gambaran inilah yang paling tepat mengenai Penyakit Parkinson (PP), iaitu sejenis penyakit otak yang biasanya berlaku di kalangan warga tua. Penyakit ini mengakibatkan pergerakan badan yang lemah, kaku badan dan tremor. Namun begitu, daya pemikiran dan kreativiti mereka biasanya tidak terjejas. Gejala inilah yang membawa kepada penderitaan dan penyeksaan dalam hidup pesakit Parkinson; segala yang mereka inginkan tidak kesampaian kerana badan sudah tidak bermaya.....
    Author: Dr. Chew Nee Kong
    Price: RM30 each
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